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Parents’ Q&As

Who decides who can join the team and how the team is subsequently run?

The Team Manager will decide how the team is run and the club aims to ensure it is accessible to children resident in the local communities of Read and Simonstone.

We do, however, follow safeguarding best practice which recommends specific ratios of adults to children for each age group, so our ability to accept new members is naturally guided by the number of volunteers that we have.

What does the membership / subs pay for?

These fees enable the club to cover the cost of club and team affiliation, pitch fees, the hire of training venues, training equipment, kit, balls, trophies and an annual presentation.

Is it OK if my child gets a lift with his friend to training or a match?

Yes, as long as the arrangement is made between parents.

Do parents need to stay for training and matches?

No, parents do not ‘need’ to stay for training or matches.  It is a matter for the parents to decide and this will naturally be influenced by the individual child and their age although the Club does encourage parents of primary school age children to watch their children learn new skills at training as well as play matches against other teams.  Team Managers and Coaches must, however, always have available the contact details of a player’s parents for use in case of an emergency or simply to call upon them to provide assistance with their child.  Players of secondary school age may be less likely to want their parents to observe their training sessions but may still appreciate their support on match day.

I’m sometimes concerned about the behaviour of players and their parents – what should I do?

You should bring your concerns to the attention of the Team Manager/Coach, the Club Welfare Officer or a member of the Club Committee.

Is it OK for the Team Manager or Coach to contact my child directly?

No, it is not.  Outside of training sessions and matches, Team Managers and Coaches should only communicate with Parents.

If my child can’t always attend training or be available for matches can he still join the team?

Yes, they can, but Parents should be aware that in the secondary school ages their attendance at training and availability to play matches may affect the amount of game time that they enjoy across a season.

If my child is unable to or doesn’t want to attend training or matches, or is unhappy with the amount of game time they are given on match day, can we pay reduced fees?

It is not Club policy to routinely vary club fees but, subject to approval, a reduced fee may be charged where a member is unable to play matches but wishes to attend training.

The Club has a robust Team Selection and Game Time Policy which should deliver fair and reasonable game time for all players over the course of a season. For those in the Primary School years the Team Manager will aim to provide 50% game time for all players on match day. For those in the Secondary School years the Team Manager will aim to provide fair and reasonable game time across a season whilst taking in to account a number of factors that may legitimately affect team selection.

I’d like to help coach my child’s team but I don’t have any experience – what should I do?

The Club and the Team Manager will usually be delighted to speak to any parent wishing to become involved in Coaching.  The first step is to complete England Football’s online EE Playmaker course and then ask the Team Manager if they would like some help with their training sessions.  You will then be encouraged to complete the FA’s Introduction to Coaching Football course, which is also online and involves live weekly webinars, e-learning, community support and a range of resources to provide the skills to coach players of all ages. Once qualified and DBS certified you will then be in a position to deliver a coaching session by yourself.