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Concerns and Complaints

We welcome all feedback and recognise concerns and complaints as a potential opportunity to improve and develop the club.

Parents are encouraged to discuss any concerns they may have, privately with the Team Manager or Coach or, if they feel unable to discuss their concern directly with the Team Manager or Coach, they should discuss it with the Club Secretary, Club Welfare Officer or another member of the Club’s Committee. 

In the event that any member feels they have suffered discrimination in any way, or that the Club’s Policies, Rules or Codes of Conduct have been breached, the procedures below should be followed:

  • The matter should be reported to the Club Secretary, Club Welfare Officer or another member of the Club’s Committee. The report should include:
    • details of what, when and where the occurrence took place;
    • any witness statements and the names of the witnesses;
    • names of any others who have been treated in a similar way;
    • details of any former complaints made about the incident, including the date of the incident, when it was reported and to whom;
    • a preference for a solution to the incident.
  • The Club’s Committee will appoint three of its members to sit for any hearings that are requested.
  • The Club’s Committee will have the power to:
    • warn as to future conduct;
    • suspend from membership;
    • remove from membership.
  • If a complaint is with regard to the actions of the Club’s Committee, the member can, if they so wish, report the matter directly to the Lancashire Football Association.