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Head Injuries

If your child receives a head injury during a game or a training session they will be checked for concussion.  Team Managers and Coaches will take a safety first approach and ‘sit them out’ if they are in any doubt.

If concussion is suspected, Parents will be informed that their child has received a head injury with possible symptoms of concussion and advised to refer their child to a medical or healthcare professional for diagnosis and advice, even if the symptoms resolve.

If, however, ANY of the following symptoms are evident, arrangements will be made to transport the player to the nearest hospital emergency department for urgent medical assessment:

  • severe neck pain
  • deteriorating consciousness (more drowsy)
  • increasing confusion or irritability
  • severe or increasing headache
  • repeated vomiting
  • unusual behaviour change
  • seizure (fit)
  • double vision
  • weakness or tingling/burning in arms or legs

Following a concussion, the Graduated Return to Play protocol (GRTP) must be followed and this can be found here:  

The FA’s Concussion Guidelines | The Boot Room.