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The Club’s objective is for teams to avoid any disciplinary matters arising from matches, but should any cautions or dismissals be issued to a member of the Club the consequences of such will be as laid down by The Football Association and will be administered by the Lancashire Football Association.  In such cases, any fines will be paid promptly by the Club and the Player will be required to reimburse the Club and, where applicable, serve a suspension, before being allowed to play another match.

Discriminatory Abuse

Parents should be aware that new and more stringent rules have been introduced to deliver a game free of discrimination and an updated sanctions framework now delivers a suspension of at least 6 games for a first offence of discriminatory abuse.


The Club is committed to high standards of behaviour and showing respect to everyone involved in the game.  The introduction of a temporary dismissal of a player for questioning or undermining a referee’s decision has been welcomed. Examples of this include: shouting at the referee; questioning the referee’s ability; slamming the ball in to the ground; and sarcastically applauding a decision.  In these circumstances, the referee will show a yellow card and direct the player to the touchline (to the sin bin) to serve an 8-minute suspension from the game (or a 10-minute suspension in U18s).  The referee has sole discretion as to when the player is allowed to return to the field of play.

Foul and Abusive Language

Players and Parents are respectfully reminded that foul and abusive language will not be tolerated on or off the pitch and remains, in the context of a match, a red card offence.  Parents should be aware that whilst a referee may not always penalise the use of foul and abusive language, the Club may still take action against a Player or a Parent if it is felt that the use of such language could have resulted in a red card or has at any time damaged the good reputation of the Club.

Full details of the FA’s disciplinary rules can be found here.