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Parent Briefings

Posted: 5 September 2022

Parent Briefings are being delivered by Team Managers this week. The club believes it’s very important to set standards for everyone involved in the game, including Parents. That way we can make sure we all have the best chance to enjoy the game.

Our Team Managers want their Players and Parents:

  • to understand what the team’s objectives are; and
  • to be familiar with the club’s rules, codes of conduct and game time policy;

Parents are also encouraged to help their Team Manager by:

  • setting up and dismantling equipment on match day;
  • responding in a timely manner to their manager’s messages; and
  • making sure that subs are paid on time

There will be a serious shortage of referees this season, so any parents who are willing and able to volunteer their services when the need arises should let their Team Manager know.

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