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Club Management

The Club is managed entirely by volunteers, freely giving up their time to support and promote the club and its activities.

The Club’s Committee makes decisions on behalf of the Club and will take on a range of duties to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible and to develop the Club as a valued service and community asset. Its general purpose is to lead and manage the Club and, in particular, the Committee will:

  • define, and work to deliver, the Club’s objectives and strategic development plan;
  • define a club culture and work to bring it to life across all of the Club’s activities;
  • work to ensure the Club and its members comply with all relevant Policies, Rules and Regulations, and Codes of Conduct;
  • protect Club members through the implementation of appropriate Policies, Codes of Conduct and safeguarding and welfare measures;
  • protect the Club and its members with appropriate insurance cover through the Club’s affiliation with the County FA;
  • protect members’ personal data through the implementation of an appropriate Data Protection Policy;
  • oversee the club’s finances and ensure the Club is financially sustainable;
  • ensure the Club is sustainable in terms of its membership, its access to suitable facilities and the number of volunteers supporting the Club;
  • take disciplinary measures to address:
    • behaviour likely to bring the club into disrepute;
    • behaviour which is inconsistent with the good order and proper running of the club;
    • a breach of discipline;
    • a breach of a Code of Conduct or any other Club rule;
    • a matter arising from the outcome of the investigation of a complaint.
  • work to raise funds and gain the support of the community the Club serves;
  • communicate regularly with Club members;

The Committee meets 4 times a year and minutes are kept of all meetings and made available to members. 

Team Managers and Coaches will also normally meet with the Committee on four occasions – pre-season, mid-season, end of season and following the Club’s AGM.

Contact details for our Committee members can be found here.