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Aims & Objectives

Whilst providing organised and structured opportunities to play football aims to:

  • create a safe, respectful and inclusive ENVIRONMENT where everyone involved with the club can have fun and enjoy the game.
  • provide age-appropriate COACHING and help players to;
    • develop TECHNICAL skills and ability;
    • improve MOVEMENT skills and PHYSICAL FITNESS;
    • be COMPETITIVE and learn how to win and how to lose; and
    • learn important LIFE SKILLS such as co-operation, teamwork, leadership, communication and friendship;
  • be WELL MANAGED by a team of enthusiastic and committed volunteers;
  • be SUCCESSFUL both on and off the pitch;
  • be VALUED by our members and the wider community that we serve;

Our future plans are to increase the number of children, and in particular the number of girls, playing football with the Club.

In the long term we’d also like to secure a ‘home’ for the Club that can accommodate as much of our training and home match requirements as possible.